GET BEAL, SLU is a civil and structural engineering company created in 1997 in Andorra. We aim to provide a local service and a personal attention to our clients, offering them solutions tailored to their demands, with the strictest technical rigor, always attentive to innovation in our field of activity and with a spirit of constant search of excellence in our work.


Our main activities are the writing of projects and the construction management of building structures and civil works.
We carry out all the tasks related to these activities:

> Preliminary studies, design, and evaluation of structures.
> Projects studies, all required documentation for the tendering of the works.
> Development of structural and civil implementation plans.
> Monitoring of works, assistance to technical and economic construction management.

And all kinds of other works related to our fields of activity.
> Structural Consulting.
> Reports.
> Structural works in rehabilitation projects. 

Work done

In our first 18 years in business, we have worked on over 250 projects that have materialized in about 180 buildings of all kinds and sizes, representing some 700.000m2 built.


GET BEAL, SLU was created with an open mind and with the will to establish collaborations any time these were likely to increase or improve our skills.

We started our business with the support of prestigious office BET VERDIER of Montpellier, that we met again, 12 later, working on the project of enlargement of Caldea (INÚU).

In 1998, we established a collaboration that lasted for more than seven years, with the engineer Yves Serra, an indisputable reference in the Principality, with whom we developed many projects.

In 1999, in partnership with the engineers Jordi RAMÉNTOL and Guillem VALDÉS, we created Grup SIGMA 99 enginyers, which operates in the field of large public works projects.


We operate in both the private and the public sector.

> Since 1997, we have counted among our customers about thirty architects and architectural firms in the country.
We have conducted studies for all major public administrations and public companies of the Principality. (Government of Andorra, City Councils, Andorra Telecom, Feda)